Texas Beer – What to Drink

texas beer

I have to say, this has been a great year for Texas Beer. Actually I dare say a great decade. In the past three years alone, craft breweries have doubled in number in the state of Texas. Texas now ranks 8th in the number of craft breweries that it has according to the Brewers Association. With this explosive growth its good to take some time to look at what texas beer is available

  1. Karbach Mother in Lager (pictured)
    Karbach Brewery out of Houston, TX has truly been making quite the name for themselves. They are a relatively newer brewery on the Texas beer scene but have been busy creating some truly delicious craft beers. Mother in Lager is a beer that reminds me of a Fancy Shiner Bock. Its delicious with some depth and is the type of beer that can be drank while BBQing all day.
  2. Ranger Creek OPA
    Located in San Antonio, Ranger Creek has the distinction of being a brewery as well as a distillery. One of their flagship beers combines this little advantage to give a delicious Bourbon Barrel Aged Finish. My favorite from them however is their OPA (Oatmeal Pale Ale). This beer combines the savory breakfast taste of oatmeal with a clean hop finish to produce a great bitter wheat beer. Thanks to the bold hop flavor it pairs well with any strong flavored food.
  3. (512) Pecan Porter
    For those who are a fan of a beer that they can chew, this porter delivers. Always described as chocolate milk among my friends, this dark beer delivers a full flavor. When you get this beer you can forget seeing anything through it. Now with the chocolate malts that are used in it. The subtle pecan taste/smell helps to balance out the sweetness from the porter in a nice way.

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